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Friday, September 08, 2006


We have been working with iEARN since 2001 and we've have a great experience with it.What did you like most about iEARN? What are your doubts about it?Has anything special called your attention?
Well, it is time to choose a project to work with!
Go to Alphabetic list of projects in iEARN to look for interesting projects.Let us know which projects you find most interesting and why.
Here is the video about iEARN:

Isabel and Almerinda


Anonymous Márcia said...

That's too much information for such little time!... The "problem" is that now we want to participate in all the projects! That's your fault, Isabel and Almerinda... Thanks for opening this new door in our teaching experience.

20/9/06 20:19  
Blogger Almerbg said...

Márcia, be sure that it is realy a new door - you´ve got the right image. The important thing is that you want to let in, as well as Celina, Jane and all the group.
I hope we can keep the good spirit, and that we can live nice experiences together.
Hugs from Almerinda

21/9/06 18:48  
Blogger Almerbg said...

Just a brief note to say that: don´t do like me, and review (in preview) your draft. That´s because I had two mistakes when missed an "l" in really, and used let instead of "get".

21/9/06 18:52  
Anonymous Alessandra said...

The "coordinator" gave me support on this project by asking someone to fix our three commputers. I had talked to her and explained about my project. Actually, she knew what I was talking about because she was in that event Isabel was responsable for at Cil. The fact is that I am a little scared about doing it. There are 18 students in my class, they are young. I want to do it, but I'm afraid of failing.

22/9/06 16:09  
Blogger Isabel Teixeira said...

Dear Alessandra,

Do not be afraid!It´s very important that you have the coordinartor´s support and think that you may be opening doors to other teachers and students.And about failing, this will eventually happen.It is better to fail now and learn from it.That is why we have asked you to choose only one project to work with only a class.This will show you how to do better the next time.Start easily,small.We are sure that you will succeed!Rembember that you are learning and that we are here to help you.You will only see if it works if you try.

22/9/06 17:08  

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