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Monday, September 11, 2006

Learning Styles

Read the Learning Styles -Or, How We Go From the Unknown To the Known in which three different models of learning styles are presented and :

  1. indicate which model you consider to be the most interesting
  2. reflect if you take into consideration the different learning styles when your plan your classes and assess your students.
  3. think how you could integrate the learning styles theory into your teaching practice.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sth called my attention: if we use a great number of styles, our class will be more effective to our SS because they will have more possibilities to learn (according to the style they best fit)and reinforce what has been taught with the other styles.

18/9/06 17:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was me again "Alessandra". I always forget to write my name!

18/9/06 17:05  
Blogger Isabel Teixeira said...

Alessandra , you should click on " other" and write your name in the box.There is a turorial with pictures in our website-

Thanks for posting your comments

18/9/06 17:16  
Anonymous Márcia said...

First of all, comparing the three styles presented in the text seem a bit difficult because they deal with different dimensions. The first model seem to be easier to start with. When planning classes, it's not always easy to adapt the activities in our course books to the different learning styles, specially in such heterogeneous classes. Of course we should respect our students' differences, but as Alessandra said, it's important to vary, and stimulate the students to know and use new w ways of learning.

18/9/06 20:03  
Blogger Isabel Teixeira said...


The idea is to show you different dimensions of such interesting and important topic. Indeed, it is difficult to work so many varied activities in class, but it is worth taking into consideration when preparing classes and assessing students.

19/9/06 18:06  

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