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Monday, September 11, 2006

Meaningful Learning

Post here you reflections on the text The components of Meaningful Learning :
  1. reflect about which of the components you consider to be the most important one.
  2. think about how you can integrate those component to your present teaching experience.
  3. to what extent the teacher motivation and classroom environment can affect the teaching/learning process.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really would appreciate if you, teachers, could give us more interesting texts like this one. This text is target toward teachers who can't stand her students "bad behaviour", and it is not exactly that, people learn in different ways.

18/9/06 15:14  
Anonymous M├írcia said...

In my opinion, all the components should be considered, because what usually happens is that teachers tend to notice only one or another aspect individually. Teaching and learning are processes that happen daily, in the classrooms and outside them. Of course some classes are so difficult!... But that's what we are prepared to do, to motivate our students and help them find their way to achievement.

18/9/06 19:53  
Blogger Miafamilio said...

My dear friends,

Hello to you all! It's a lovely thing to see that this project has been growing stronger each passing day! It's also a great thing to see that our group is getting closer as time goes by. May we all keep sharing the seeds of mutual respect and motivate not only our learners but also ourselves in order to make better choices in our lives.
May we all have a great day tomorrow.
May we all everywhere have a productive week as well!
All the very best wishes from a friend,

27/9/06 18:58  

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