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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Voice Message

Well, we are going to learn some webtools that may help you to improve your students´ learning. A great tool is voice mail and Springdoo offers free and very user-friendly voice and video mail.You just need a microphone.
Listen to the special message Almerinda has recorded to the group:
We´d like you to think about some ways in which you can use voice and video mail in your classes.Post your suggestions.


Anonymous Marcia said...

Hello everyone,
It´s so nice to learn all these new things! It´s going to be a success, just look at our faces when we experience these new tools. By the way, is it posible to post a voice or video mail on the blog? And what about the group forum, can we send a message with a link to the vmail? Hugs and kisses! See you on Thursday.

26/9/06 11:29  
Blogger Isabel Teixeira said...

We are glad you enjoyed Márcia.There are many possibilities regarding these tools.And yes, it is possible to create a link to the video or voice mail on the blog.What I did was to create a screeshot of the voice or video message and create a link that takes to the original page of the message. To the group forum, you can copy the link of the message and put it in the message to the group.Next class we can talk better about it.

26/9/06 17:06  
Blogger Almerbg said...

Hello, it´s been a long time since the last postings here. Please, try to post your impressions on the course so far.
I hope you all can have a nice holiday, and much time to surf on the tools and try the suggestions given in our course.
See you.

11/10/06 19:32  
Anonymous Pedro said...

Well, I am coming up here now, perhaps somewhat late, it is just that it took me most of yesterday to keep up with what is going on and only now I begin grasping it all, I hope I will contribute greatly to it as time goes by.

15/10/06 13:47  

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