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Thursday, September 07, 2006


Welcome to the beginning of our journey through the work with online collaborative projects!
We are really happy to know that such brave teachers are facing a challenging,but rewarding experience!
This blog is where you are going to post your reflections about the readings.Try to be as reflexive as possible and read your peers' reflection , as well.
Your opinions will be respected and taken into consideration.So, make use of this rich tool!
To post a comment, click on " comments" at the end of this message, right after the sentence"posted by iearnprojects at 6:37 PM " .
  • You will see a place " Leave your comment" on the right side of the page.
  • Write your comment and choose " others" in " Choose your identity".
  • Fill in your name and write the code in " word verification".
  • Click on " Publish you comment "


Isabel and Almerinda


Anonymous Isabel said...

This is great

10/9/06 10:59  
Blogger Almerbg said...

Hello everybody!
I also should say welcome to all participants in our Teaching EFL through online collaborative projects.
We are quite sure it will be a very challenging event for all of us. We will have the chance to share knowledge and experience, as well as to learn from each one of you. Please, feel easy about sending your comments, and posting your observations. Your feedback will enable us to think and rethink our practice and to give you our best within our proposal. I hope you really enjoy the course, and get the best of it for improving your teaching practice.


10/9/06 13:04  
Blogger Miafamilio said...

Dear Isabel and Almerinda!
Dear fellow teachers and classmates at our course on Teaching EFL through online collaborative projects!

I just meant to wish you all a GREAT WEEK!I'm certain we're highly motivated to take this course, which will bring us much enlightenment for all teachers so that we may also share that with our own students. I also hope you all had an awesome weekend. May everyone everywhere in this great planet of ours have a fruitful and productive week. May everyone, whether near or far,known or unknown to one another,have a neat day tomorrow and on all other days to come. See you friends on Tuesday.
Best regards.
Your friend,

17/9/06 20:31  
Blogger Miafamilio said...

My dear friends in general,

Forgive me if I sound like "preaching" to you, but I came across the following message and would like to share it with you. Since our course is about sharing, and eventually, we'll be sharing all projects with our own students, I thought we could start by making some comments on friendship. Then, I sorta "ran into" the following passage, which I believe, has much to do with the purpose of our course. So, without much further ado, I'll go straight to the point. Here it goes...

"True friendship stretches across continents and oceans or is right next door. It has no geographic boundaries, nor is its measurable.
Thoughtful notes,
phone calls,
selfless actions
create warm, happy memories that last a lifetime.
To be and have a true friend in the fair and foul weather of life makes us the wealthiest people on earth".
- Author Unknown

I hope you've liked it. See you Tuesday then!

17/9/06 20:40  
Blogger Isabel Teixeira said...

We┬┤re so glad someone has finally posted in our blog! Thanks Jane for doing so!:))

18/9/06 17:11  
Anonymous Marcia said...

I"m very glad I decided to take part in this course. I'm sure it'll be really helpful, for me and for everybody in the group. And I'm also sure we'll be able to share this with our colleagues back in our schools.

18/9/06 19:40  

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