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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Your first impressions

Well, many people claim that the first impression is very powerful. We´d like to know what your first impression of the course is .What did you like most? What did you like least?What did you find challenging?


Isabel and Almerinda


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry for Isabel's first impressions on me, her student. I didn't mean that. By the way, I'm glad to study different kinds of teaching a foreing language, views of the process of learning and teaching it. I'm really excited about this course

18/9/06 15:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That "anonimo" is me, Alessandra Inácio. I've just followed Isabel's instructions. For the next message I will write my name on it.

18/9/06 15:10  
Blogger Isabel Teixeira said...

Dear Alessandra, what do you mean " Isabel´s first impressions on me"?
I know you are a superb student!

18/9/06 17:14  
Anonymous Márcia said...

Probably the most challenging for me will be reading sso much in so little time, for I'm interested in all those links. But I hope I'll do it...

18/9/06 19:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My first impression was really good. I´m very happy to be a member of this group. SHEILA DANIELE

24/9/06 13:28  

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