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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Planning your project

Now we come to a very crucial part of our course: Planning your project activities. A successful project will rely mainly on a good planning. Think about all the steps you will take to implement the project. There are some guidelines in our course guide, but there are some valuable resources that you can use to plan your project.Take a look at the articles below and try to answer to some of the questions they propose.Create a complete plan to your project with activities,time, and resources:

Dimensions of Planning

Planning Guidelines

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

New pictures

Two new pictures of our group.Now we count on the courage of a brave guy!

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Working with images is also a nice resource to motivate students.Bubbleshare offers the chance to create photo albums in which students can record their voices and describe the pictures.Take a look at an example.Click on play:

Now think about how you can use bubbleshare in your classroom and with projects.


This is a podcast episode from our podcast page.

Click here to get your own player.

Think about the different possibilities you can explore with podcasts.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Voice Message

Well, we are going to learn some webtools that may help you to improve your students´ learning. A great tool is voice mail and Springdoo offers free and very user-friendly voice and video mail.You just need a microphone.
Listen to the special message Almerinda has recorded to the group:
We´d like you to think about some ways in which you can use voice and video mail in your classes.Post your suggestions.

Video message

Springdoo also offers video mail. You need a webcam and a microphone to record a message.It is a great tool to help students to improve their listening and speaking skills.

See and listen to Isabel´s video and audio messages to the group

We´d like you to go to Springdoo and record an audio or video message and send to somebody in the group.Take a look at the turorial in our website.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Our group´s pictures

Thes are pictures of our class! We´re glad to have such brave women in our group!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Learning Styles

Read the Learning Styles -Or, How We Go From the Unknown To the Known in which three different models of learning styles are presented and :

  1. indicate which model you consider to be the most interesting
  2. reflect if you take into consideration the different learning styles when your plan your classes and assess your students.
  3. think how you could integrate the learning styles theory into your teaching practice.

Meaningful Learning

Post here you reflections on the text The components of Meaningful Learning :
  1. reflect about which of the components you consider to be the most important one.
  2. think about how you can integrate those component to your present teaching experience.
  3. to what extent the teacher motivation and classroom environment can affect the teaching/learning process.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Collaborative and Cooperative learning

Collaborative and cooperative learning are key features of Project-Based Learning. Thus, read Cooperative and Collaborative Learning and post some reflections :

  • How cooperative and collaborative learning differ from the traditional approach
  • The most important benefit of collaborative and cooperative learning

Project-Based Learning

There are many different kinds of projects.Our main foccus in this course is the work with online collaborative projects.So, read PBL Pedagogy and write about two characteristics of Net PBL that you consider to be the most relevants one .

Friday, September 08, 2006


We have been working with iEARN since 2001 and we've have a great experience with it.What did you like most about iEARN? What are your doubts about it?Has anything special called your attention?
Well, it is time to choose a project to work with!
Go to Alphabetic list of projects in iEARN to look for interesting projects.Let us know which projects you find most interesting and why.
Here is the video about iEARN:

Isabel and Almerinda

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Welcome to the beginning of our journey through the work with online collaborative projects!
We are really happy to know that such brave teachers are facing a challenging,but rewarding experience!
This blog is where you are going to post your reflections about the readings.Try to be as reflexive as possible and read your peers' reflection , as well.
Your opinions will be respected and taken into consideration.So, make use of this rich tool!
To post a comment, click on " comments" at the end of this message, right after the sentence"posted by iearnprojects at 6:37 PM " .
  • You will see a place " Leave your comment" on the right side of the page.
  • Write your comment and choose " others" in " Choose your identity".
  • Fill in your name and write the code in " word verification".
  • Click on " Publish you comment "


Isabel and Almerinda

Your first impressions

Well, many people claim that the first impression is very powerful. We´d like to know what your first impression of the course is .What did you like most? What did you like least?What did you find challenging?


Isabel and Almerinda